Your Foundation to Wellness course is an 8-week self-study program that addresses personal lifestyle behaviors and how to make healthy choices.  Over the course of the program you will be covering the following topics:

Week 1: Goal Setting

Week 2: Health Risks and Biometric Information

Week 3: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Week 4: Exercise and Physical Activity

Week 5: Time Management

Week 6: Stress Management

Week 7: Social Support

Week 8: Staying Motivated

I’ve designed this program as the perfect fit for busy individuals.  You’ll find that:

  • The reading modules are informational, short, and to the point.
  • Weekly assignments are thought provoking, yet quick to complete.
  • Everything is online so it’s flexible and convenient for your schedule.


Again, let me congratulate you on this first step to improve your health and lifestyle choices for a lifetime, I am honored to be your mentor along your journey.

To your success,