How Did YWC Get Started?

This summer my business has gone from kind-of under the radar to expanding at a rapid pace with new clients, events and partnerships. Since I have added so many new people onto my newsletter list, I think now is a good time to revisit why I started this company.

Over the course of my adult life, I often found myself in the “I need to have/do it all” mentality. I wasn’t even sure what this phrase really meant to me. As if on auto-pilot, it was just what I thought was supposed to be doing. While striving to be the ideal person, live the perfect lifestyle, and be everything to everyone I felt confused if I was on the right path. At that point, I had extensive training in health coaching and behavior change, but was not even using it at my job or in my life most of the time!

Three years ago I was in a big transitional stage with lots of changes (job, family, city, etc.) in my life. While it was strenuous, it also gave me a great opportunity to review my lifestyle, my mindset, and take a big leap toward a dream I’d had for a long time—to start my own business and help others realize their true potential in the world. I wanted to provide a different style of health services that addressed people as a whole individual; creative mind, healthy body and fulfilled soul.

We all face anxiety over so many things because we often times don’t have clarity about our own inner values. How do we make decisions that honor our unique needs and wants? How do we ask for support from others to help us follow through? Are we so confused about our true thought process and feelings that it just paralyzes us in the same cycle of bad habits and sub-par health? These are all questions that I work with my clients to answer.

My approach when working with individuals is straightforward. I am like the close friend that you trust completely with your struggles, dreams, and achievements. I also happen to be a trained expert on work-life balance, maximizing personal opportunities, and how to build a healthy lifestyle in a way that feels authentic to YOU.

In 2015 I have so much fantastic stuff planned. I look forward to seeing you all at my upcoming events and classes (please bring a friend!) and working with some of you individually. Thank you so much for supporting me and my business. Thank you for inviting me to join you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

To quote a dear friend and mentor of mine, Fr Bob McGee, “It’s a pleasure to walk the planet with you.”