Preparing For Your Health Series

“You can do all the things you want to do and live a beautiful life that you’ve imagined for yourself. Find your peace of mind knowing you are giving your best self to the world. Be brave. Be love. But most of all, be you.” – Derek Schell

I’m so excited you are here!

Over the eight weeks, I hope this program helps you clarify and define your health goals, while providing you with lots of educational resources along the way.

Get Organized & Have A Binder

To make the most of the 8-week program and to stay organized in reaching your health goals, I highly recommend printing your assignments and worksheets and placing them in a binder. As you go through the program, you can easily look back on your progress.

Weekly Themes

We will be covering the following topics in the order below:

  1. Week One: Goal Setting and Behavior Change
  2. Week Two: Your Health Risks and Biometrics
  3. Week Three: Healthy Eating and Nutrition
  4. Week Four: Physical Activity
  5. Week Five: Time Management
  6. Week Six: Stress Management
  7. Week Seven: Social Support
  8. Week Eight: Personal Mindset and Staying Motivated

Reading Assignments & Worksheets

Each week, you will receive 4-5 reading assignments and worksheets in your modules. You can take the whole week to read through and work on the assignments in your own time before you move on to the next module. If you want to return to a previous file or assignment during the eight weeks, you are able to do so. Your access to the online program will stop 7 days after the end of the last week in the course.