Organizational and
Team Culture Consulting

Prioritizing Your Group Wellbeing. Increasing Your Team’s Capacity.

Maximize productivity and employee morale with organizational and workplace culture consulting.

Happy employees perform at their best and employers reap the reward. That’s why we partner with progressive organizations to implement people-centric solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience and subject matter expertise, our consulting approach is rooted in wellness and evidence-based practice.

Through a tactical lens, we advise on organizational and team culture-building strategies with a focus on immediate and long-term results. We focus on helping foster a supportive and healthy company culture where the environment is built on a foundation of trust, equity, inclusion, and understanding.

Our Workplace Wellness Advisors and Chief Happiness Officers are committed to creating sustainable programs, and our clients improve their employee engagement and efficiency through their counsel.

Take a closer look at our consulting solutions below:

Organizational Advising

Workplace Wellness Advisors combine strategic and operational thinking with advanced long-term execution skills. An asset to CEOs and executive directors, they analyze workplace programs while advising on business development strategies and goals. In support of executive team initiatives, our advisors examine and report on new markets, growth opportunities, and the competitive environment as they build relationships in alignment with organizational objectives.

Communicating with leaders, employees, clients, and the public, Workplace Wellness Advisors review and propose solutions that address longstanding challenges and priorities.

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Team Culture Building

Chief Happiness Officers serve as culture ambassadors, employee advocates, and values champions. Acknowledging the influence of employee happiness on organizational success, they use a hands-on approach to build positive and inclusive workplaces. As empathetic people partners, our CHOs spearhead the creation of healthy team cultures and develop, lead, and advise on mentorship programs.

Particularly beneficial to healthcare provider organizations, our team culture building option is health equity-based and ensures all employees have an opportunity to be healthy and happy in the workplace.

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People need purpose, agency, and community, we advise leaders on how to develop each of these elements for their employees. Our consulting is focused on improving work-life integration, eliminating burnout, and reducing staff turnover. An investment that leads to increased productivity and human-centered outcomes, we’re influencing deeper team connections and workplace commitment. 

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