Individual Health Coaching and Wellness Coach Mentorship

Reach your wellness goals with personalized support.
Improve your wellness coaching with one-on-one mentorship.

Action is essential for success, and our action plans provide practical steps to achieve your wellness goals. From weight loss, nutrition, and exercise to stress management and coaching delivery, our individual options are ideal for single clients and wellness coaches alike.

Comprised of goal and challenge assessments, accountability, and education, our weekly sessions support clients in consistently focusing on goals while maintaining the motivation required for progress.

Take a closer look at our individual coaching options below:

Individual Health Coaching
(VIP Wellness)

We improve the lives of clients by helping them identify strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and become their best selves. By facilitating client connections to their inner knowledge, we’re expanding the concepts of goal setting and achievement.

With emphasis on the future, we help clients advance their thinking, reduce looped thoughts, and tap into a positive understanding of their potential. A powerful experience that’s most effective during or after therapy, this option includes a Health and Wellness Coach who works to understand how your values and belief systems show up in your life. Action-oriented, they bring an unbiased perspective allowing for more productive brainstorming with the help of a supportive partner.

Participants will:
Time Commitment

*We take a small number of VIP Wellness clients each year in an effort to ensure participants receive the highest-quality coaching available.

If you are a mom or mom-to-be consider our exclusive services for mamas!

Ideal For

People Wanting Assistance with Decision Making

People who are Parents and CaregiversPeople Wanting Relationship Support

People in Transition (career, divorce, new parent, etc.)

People Wanting to Work on Healthy Habit 

Building and Weight Management

People Wanting Assistance with Executive Skills and Time Management


Are you ready to turn your goals into action? Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Wellness Coach Mentorship

Whether you are new to the field of health coaching or more mature in your practice, our Mindset & Accountability Coaches are prepared to help you succeed. Our program is a high value offering for coaches seeking growth within their current structure or coaches who desire to pivot in their careers. A series of mastermind and one-on-one sessions, we help you to identify goals, develop practical actions, and avoid common difficulties within the wellness industry.

Culturally competent and inclusive, our mentorship program welcomes all wellness professionals with an emphasis on supporting coaches who are parents, minorities, or members of the LGBTQ community. Coaches belonging to these groups have been historically underrepresented while the need for their insight continues to grow exponentially.

Participants will:
Time Commitment

Sessions are held Bi-Weekly

Ideal For

Health & Wellness Coaches

Health & Wellness Consultants

Recent Graduates

Early and Mid-Career Professionals


Are you ready to turn your goals into action? Contact us today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.