Apps and Additional Website Resources



A secret-Santa organizer for your community.



CHARITY MILES, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

Earn money for a cause when you walk or run.


        Join and shop from this site to earn cash back for yourself or for your favorite cause.


        Join, and you can shop to earn money for your charity.


 A site that gets you in touch with nonprofits that you care about in your area.




Travelling? Use this site to find a place to stay by browsing among tenants renting out spaces in the area you’re headed.


Printable grocery coupons and discount codes.


A nonprofit organization in which members offer and receive items from one another to re-use for free.


Creating a community in which gently-used baby and maternity items can be donated and swapped.


 Rent designer dresses at affordable prices.


A place where moms can swap items from baby slings to clarinets; no money required.


Join at $6/month and borrow a variety of cars by the hour or day; save on car ownership or rental.



GORILLA WORKOUT, for multiple devices. Free.

An app for fast-paced, no equipment required workouts that combine cardio and strength training for maximum results over a short period of time.

GYMPACT, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

An app for the fit gambler; make a pact to live healthy, and set a monetary amount to pay other members when you don’t reach your goals.

HUMAN, for iPhone. Free.

MY FITNESS PAL, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

An app for tips on food intake, exercise and calories.

POCKET YOGA, for Andriod. Free.

An app that provides yoga tips, an over 140 poses.

RUNKEEPER, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

An app that tracks exercise, including calories burned and distanced traveled.

RUNTASTIC PEDOMETER, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

An app that tracks your daily steps and compiles simple graphs.

MOVES, for iPhone and Andriod. $2.69.

A pedometer-like app for tracking your walking, running and cycling.

SPECTREK, for Andriod. Free.

An app that makes running a game about hunting ghosts. Uses camera and GPS.

STRAVA, for iPhone and Andriod. Free

An app that will log your running or cycling without draining your phone’s battery. Allows you to challenge your friends to races.

YOGA STRETCH, for iPod Touch. Free.

An app that allows you to follow along with an instructor; includes music and pictures.


A fitness social network for tracking, accountability and motivation. Also provides multiple mobile apps.


Offers trackers for calories, exercise and weight loss.


Helps you keep your goals by turning fitness into a game.

For the fitness novice; an app that gets you to complete 30 minutes of exercise a day by tracking your movements.


Provides tools for tracking and monitoring your health goals. Keeps you motivated with personal stories and videos.


 Includes diet and fitness plans as well as health and food tracking. Also provides recipes.



FOOD DB, for iPhone. Free.

A database app for calorie-counts of meals in hundreds of different restaurants.

iPHONE NUTRITION, for iPhone. Free.

An app for nutritional information of different foods.

LOSE IT! For iPhone. Free.

An app that sets a daily calorie budget, track food and exercise, and stay motivated, for those who want to lose weight.


Offers trackers for everything from meals to glucose levels. Also offers recipes.


Find organic food grown closest to you.



CAL, for iPhone and Andriod. Free.

A smart calendar app, on which it’s easy to create appointments and events, and ties in with the creator’s to-do lists app.

COZI, for multiple devices. Free.

A family-organizing app for coordinating the schedules of everyone in your household.

EVERNOTE, for multiple devices. Free.

An app that makes it easy to remember everything going on in your busy life.

MEALBOARD, for iPhone. Free.

Plan meals and save recipes for future trips to the store.

QUIP, for iPhone/iPad and Andriod. Free.

A word-processing app for sharing documents with friends, family and colleagues, syncing everything across iOS and Andriod.

TICK, for iPhone. $1.99.

An icon-based organization app in which everything is customizable.


A site for help getting organized from gurus.


A site of tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done.


A helpful day planner created by mothers, or mothers.


A site that assists users with mastering the Pomodoro Technique, which improves time management and measures effort.



FIRST AID ASSIST, for Andriod. Free.

 An app that provides instruction for all basic first aid procedures.


An app for relaxing with soothing audio and helpful instructions.

GLOW, for iPhone. Free.

A fertility app for couples trying to conceive. Includes charts, health-tracking features, and reminds for when to hit the sack.

STRESS CHECK, for Andriod. Free.

An app that offers a stress assessment test, then tactics for controlling it.

STRESS MANAGEMENT GUIDE, via Amazon, for multiple devices. Free.

An e-book that teaches the reader about stress; its roots, roles and remedies.

STRESS PILE, for iPhone. Free.

An app that tracks your stress and stressors. Easy and fun to use.

STRESS TRACKER, for iPhone. Free.

An app with exercises for quickly relieving stress.


A suite of comprehensive identity theft protection tools.


A blog about finding simplicity in daily life and clearing away the clutter to focus on what’s important.