Additional Resources

Week One


Week Two

Smoking Cessation Resources


Week Three

Want more assistance with meal planning? Look below!

Two food diary/calorie counting Apps you may want to use to track your eating habits:


Week Four

Find a walking group in your area:

To find a personal trainer in your area, use this online locator:

Here’s a great infographic that explains what the colors of urine mean:


Week Five

This article describes Ben Franklin’s (still relevant!) way to change his habits and make best use of his days. It’s a great guide for better time management.

How to Say No:





Week Six

More Tension Tamers


Week Seven

These quick, online tests can help you find out if you are in a healthy relationship, figure out what kind of “love” you are wanting from others, and how best you interact with others after an argument.

After you take them, try to share the results with your loved ones and ask if they would like to take the tests and share their results with you.


Week Eight

Not sure what your mindset you have? Try this online quiz

Check out this website where you can commit to a (health) goal and back it up with donating money to charity in the process