About Your Wellness Coach

Wellness Strategy | Wellbeing Facilitator
Coach Advocate for People-forward Workplaces

A creative and compassionate navigator with 20+ years of coaching expertise, Maureen Carlomagno, is the founder and chief wellness officer at Your Wellness Coach, a consulting practice specializing in the delivery of corporate wellness programs, employer advising, and high-quality coaching services.

As a B2B wellness educator and subject-matter-expert, Maureen’s versatility is one of her greatest assets. From supporting c-suite executives as a strategist and advisor, to leading educational experiences as a facilitator and coach, she is both knowledgeable and skilled in the application of wellness principles. With a belief that everyone deserves to be supported and connected to a positive community, Maureen leads with love as she earns the trust of individuals, business leaders, and community stakeholders.

Recognized for an ability to plan strategically while providing clarity and a professional perspective, Maureen collaborates with clients to implement strategies that are rooted in best practices. As she partners with organizations to develop or enhance existing wellness programs and mentors aspiring wellness coaches in the delivery of effective techniques, her approach can be summarized by the following Stephen Spielberg quote,

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

Self-aware and emotionally intelligent, Maureen adds value to her clients by expanding their ideologies and processes. Trusting they know what is best for themselves and/or their organizations, she helps them execute their visions more efficiently. Upholding social connectivity as a route to individual and societal improvement, Maureen encourages a community mindset with an awareness that social capital is essential to the well-being of people overall.

With an innovative and holistic approach to individual and workplace wellness, Maureen is transforming lives by replacing antiquated thinking and actions with creative and empathy-led strategies. Contact Maureen today to find out which strategy is right for you or your organization; she looks forward to partnering with you.