Elevate your health.
Clarify your life.

Your Wellness Coach offers specialty services to meet the needs of those looking for personalized wellness programs for corporate, community, or individual use. Our programs are designed to promote health and give clients an achievable lifestyle plan. Take control of your health, and find more value in your life.


What wellness program could be right for you?

Coaching for The Workplace

Improve your health with online courses, group coaching and seminars.


Coaching for Individuals

Reach your specific wellness goals with personalized, one-on-one coaching.


Your personal health coach.

A wellness coach empowers and guides you to make positive lifestyle choices that enhance your well-being. How a wellness coach can help you

An integrated approach.

We integrate health expertise alongside intuitive coaching to help you reach your health goals. Our unique approach and expertise

Client Testimonials.

“I am so thankful for Maureen’s guidance as I pursue my wellness goals. She is highly knowledgeable regarding healthy habits and is extremely positive and encouraging. That’s important when establishing healthy changes. I feel fortunate to have Maureen as my coach!”
- Denae L., Ohio